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it's friday ready to rumble joining me for that ides big picture of all our michael war reporter for the weekly standard sam sax progressive writer and commentator and horace cooper conservative commentator thank you all for joining us tonight let's get right into it here another week another embarrassing romney video area was in one thousand nine hundred eighty five describing what bain capital was being created to do. bain capital is an investment partnership which was formed to
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invest in startup companies and ongoing companies then to take an active hand in managing them and hopefully five to eight years later to harvest them at a significant profit so farmers harvest fall crops to feed as doctors arbus organs to save us and then there's mitt romney who are most economists and companies to pad his wallet screw us all over george w. bush now has higher favor ability numbers than mitt romney forty six to forty three and the d.n.c. is piling it on here's a new ad they have up. too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy i like being able to fire people too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck i'll tell you what. ten thousand bucks. president obama and i both care about poor middle class families i'm not concerned about the very poor the difference is my policies will make things better for them.
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i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. sort of. about how i think michael is this election over i don't know it's absolutely not over but that was that was a very good ad by the democrats because it was a d.n.c. ad this is a problem for romney i think he he's what is the this that you're describing though that the truth you have the fact of the fact that he is he's made these comments he's shown sort of who he is i guess when that when he thought the cameras were off and and the eye of the public was off him and it's very similar in a way to the comments that president obama made in roanoke virginia when you know later in the end of the campaign day and he said you know you didn't build that somebody else made that happen he was toast to the bridges and roads and exactly was talking to bill bradley was that he was not talking about research it was specifically he was talking broadly about but about the sentence was bridges on the road somebody said if you don't go the point is that we have two candidates for
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president right now who are completely out of touch with what americans actually want and need out of the politicians and i think we've sort of seen both of them agree with that but let's be clear who mitt romney is revealing himself to be these are gaffes what he said about libya wasn't a gaffe what he said about forty seven percent wasn't a gaffe what he said describing what then couple of days that's not a death he is the embodiment of the type of america that the right and tragically some of the left are try. to take us to and that's an america where the wealthy can suck whatever profits are left of the middle class in america that can launch and list wars around the rest of the world in america that wants to pull the social safety net out of forty seven percent of the nation and people are starting to see that that is the agenda and they're scared to death or as a way why every grants that stole christmas complaint that you want to make about conservatives that you trick camp but here are the facts of the american people have had three and a half years to see how terrible his stewardship mr obama has been of this economy
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and they only have to ask themselves and how do you see how congress has one taken from them how many much more of their savings are they want how much more unemployment do they want these are the questions that they are going to ask and that's the basis of this let me have a years to see what mitt romney is going to bring to the table which is pretty much the exact same policies of tax cuts and deregulation that have proven at one time they are holding dr evil as some kind of a hole of house owners if you took a poll of people with jobs if you took a poll of people with savings and said in two thousand and five was it better then than it is now you would get a very much a one thing during the bubble is a lot about the romney the romney ryan campaign has a new strategy they've got a new plan out this is a mailer that went out across the united states particularly since swing states they're taking on a big issue why i'm disease i'm not making this up this is a real campaign piece romney's what it was romney's plan to tackle lyme disease and it doesn't quite say so i'm just curious horace is there going to be a line disease are i sure hope not and i think this is just another example that we
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learn from mr bill clinton one of your heroes about using micro issues as a way to create impressions of interest on how government can tackle problems i'm much more of a person who would say let's let the private sector step in and solve these kind of things but mitt romney say this is and this is this ad this mailer is a distillation of what's wrong with the romney campaign is they they haven't made this about big issues they haven't made it in and it's clear i think from the forty seven percent video that mitt romney doesn't understand what conservatives actually believe about about the role of government to that point. and we can get sam in here before we hear could it be that romney has no core. i think you could be i think he's definitely the republican party has lost its core it's lost where it's going and the romney is trying to run to the president i will not raise your taxes yes i want to go out and yet he did how many of his private sense of the person finish his son's memory is trying to maneuver through this republican party that has no core so therefore you have to not have
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a core to want to win and i mean that's pretty much ok and so are you arguing in favor of it in libya before i was against intervention in libya i was for a health care program that had a mandate if you have been against it you could go issue after issue after issue i'm for big bank bailouts and now i'm against big bank bailouts now i'm for him again and that is the rise of it this president has set the example of spineless. switching back and forth without taking that out of the eyes it in every so so for you to think well mr romney out is something that is a under the fence around the world about you know all the guys i would disagree with you seem to say that the republican party has it doesn't have a core it's i would i would agree that romney appears not to have a core that doesn't seem to be politically that is he that isn't seemed to be a part of who were is but i will say what i will say that he's his running mate paul ryan really i think embodies the core of what the republican party is in tax cuts for billionaires about the beyond that i just don't see that's not that's not serious about you know analyzing what exactly paul ryan is talking about paul
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ryan's talking about reviving and keeping the whole the safe the social safety net that keeps us all together speaking we're speaking of spending in the social safety net all let's get into this the u.s. department of labor is out with a revised job numbers showing the president obama actually added nearly half a million more jobs as of march than we previously thought i mean this since february two thousand and ten the economy's added four point four million jobs so we're in a net positive job territory the economy has done this without a lot of government spending which is what i find particularly fascinating take a look at this chart from four years this isn't for mother jones this is for us at this chart from ford. president obama has increased spending less than any president since dwight eisenhower the guy who says increase government spending the most was actually ronald reagan so my question is the same question that forbes asks literally in their headline to this article hack how have the republicans managed to persuade americans to buy into the whole obama as big spender narrative
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or as it started with his stimulus plan which had no limits and if it couldn't add it with his health care plan which also had no limits in terms of its budget busting impact this president and he is a big spender and all you have to do is change the calendar date and it allows you to be able to show a differential when the heritage foundation looked at this and they compared apples to apples it turned out that mr obama was not the biggest spender true enough but he was also he was the number fourth biggest winner of the last ten presidents and that's the problem i mean we have a very slow recovery right now because we're not spending the money that we need to be spending is government the right lives in this delusional world where government has no role whatsoever in creating jobs and actually improving the economy they it's like they've never seen a teacher they've never seen a police officer the never seen any of these public order problem we have is that every single problem that exists in america you believe the federal government can
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offer a solution and that is something that simply doesn't work for you they are going to start you talk about firing those attention at hama at the federal level and then when they are it's wasteful horace do you really think you're going to win an argument with an ad hominum and a generalization problem it's a fact that this president tries to calm down talk about a sales and is a new progressive generally try to come and tell us that we need to have the federal government be responsive just naturally we need to have the fed we are going to be what you are you are making up strong housing the federal government to act in the way it acted under ronald reagan during the last recession when it was a huge increase in government spending to get out of that recession and guess what it worked because that's how. economics works we had a huge buildup in our defense budget a necessary one because we had a progressive president carter who had unilaterally disarmed discounter the same way this president had it that's absolutely look i think horse is right about the the dates you can move i believe a look at this study they moved what happened in two thousand and nine. with the
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stimulus package which was well three quarters of the sollars out of the two thousand and nine really the year of two thousand and nine was the last bush budget yes but in the in the while you have no say in the way that the congressional budget office scores these things. the stimulus package that barack obama signed into law in two thousand and nine is a part of the judea allison on budget budget and so in this particular study it's given to bush with a bigger there's a bigger question here which is spending by not not budgetary spending but non budgetary spending spending on a title of programs like medicare social security medicaid and on time holograms those lists that are spiraling out of control and barack obama has addressed those at all even social security is solvent for twenty two years after that it'll pay eighty percent forever if you simply remove the cap it would pay it would be totally solved children starving people right now who are senior citizens that they'll get by on eight percent that'll be wonderful the twenty tell me what i'm telling them is. are so let me finish a damn sentence what i'm telling them is that they should that that bill gates and
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mitt romney should be paying the same percentage of their income on the k. and social security tax actually one hundred as if they're done as well as united and social security one year it and you guys know that those two people go away i. know you narrow one hundred percent of all these sirens you have got to pay off your budget i am not going to take his neighbor's son this is serious but is it fair outrage on your outrage as a reality shows and sorry no night shouting each other down nobody is going to understand what you are one of us are saying but the but the fact of the matter is and republicans will acknowledge this that if. if bill gates if everybody who makes over one hundred ten thousand dollars or over ten more over two hundred fifty thousand dollars paid the same percentage of their income in social security taxes as people make under one hundred ten thousand dollars the system would not only were taught it in our talk and it was a middle class paid the highest tax increase that you progressive get around down your throat yet saying the middle class is it would last as much money if not an
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otter to you if your so you agree with the iranian middle class is two hundred two hundred fifty thousand i said one hundred ten. so you're saying over one hundred ten thousand one hundred thousand and ten is a middle middle class yes and you know as little as people would agree with that and you go on with your fight over this is this is miss is missing the point which is that medicare costs are absolutely going to crowd out every other spend and everything that democrats won the progressives want to spend money on it won't matter if we are on the road out of forty thirty years he's a solution to the medicare and i mean that was all blown up with medicare medicare advantage the medicare part d. we're going under costello but look but look the reason the cap there's easy solutions to these things the right's not interested in easy solutions because they want these programs to die they want the crisis in these programs so they can show you as you have to be they we have no other choice but to have to have to then you have to the runs leave that paul ryan when he says i want to reform these programs is just lying and i am someone who subscribes to iran to once his in turns to read
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yes i don't trust is the word i was in so demagoguery once again it was my point the president creates a budget panel they make recommendations he refuses to embrace them he refuses to put them forward so if he wants to be serious i want to be that bad but you have got a blown up by the paul ryan publicans you say republicans are the problem it was the president's panel and he didn't embrace more rumble after the break.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that many americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about what you sir are a fool you know what kind of my terrorist cells in your neighborhood all want to keep us safe to feature a song they are liberal and the christian point you. can stick your beliefs about it's. going to school we're going to distract us from what you and i should care
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about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm having martin and we're going to break that. while go back to the big picture rubble joining me are michael warner porter for the weekly standard sam sax progressive writer and commentator and horace cooper conservative commentator let's get back to it it looks like a pennsylvania judge is about to strike down that state's voter suppression id laws ahead of the november election even so as this map shows a number of states have succeeded in passing similar voter suppression laws down in florida rick scott is restarting his illegal voter purge and the errancy is just
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caught eyes with a firm accused of filling out fraudulent voter registration forms and sabotaging democratic voter registration forms so my question just how far are republicans willing to go to win this election and what impact is this going to have on american democracy michel we used to try to get more people to vote now we're trying to get fewer people of of it that's the way at least that progressives i you know characterize voter id laws but if you look at what republicans are saying they actually want to do something that anywhere between sixty two and seventy two percent of americans want which is to correctly identify yourself before you go so we should run our country based on polls no i'm just saying that when celebrities popular we should well that's that that's a red herring the point is that the majority of americans if we could listen to us is more jordi of me because it's common sense message may lead to success if you look at who has these ideas ok here's the we've got i think we have a graphic. apparently not ok and the point that i'm trying to make is that
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americans understand that that what voter id laws are supposed to do is to correctly identify voters so that they're there is not double voting are fraudulent voting or people who are not who are voting who should be vote or as last year thirty two people were arrested for illegal voting for voter fraud thirty six people died because television still in their heads is this worth throwing ten million people off the voting. ok first of all we're not throwing ten million people off the voter rolls secondly the definition of whether something should be a crime or not is how many prosecutions it happened the year before if you want to look at that you can look at insider trading prosecutions you'll see there were fewer if you want to look at it want to see income tax fraud prosecutions by they are as you see that there are fewer also kidnappings where the federal government altimetry issue to prosecution if you were in your definition of the world those things shouldn't be crimes because they were happen in such in frequency that we think of really arrogant a statement out to this effect actually with project twenty one precisely because we're sick and tired of them and making laws against kidnapping or financial fraud
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isn't going to suddenly harm ten million other people around the country that's what these morons are going to do they are it's already been proven you know a quarter i just there's a graphic of a quarter of african-americans don't have the idea necessary if you look at the demographics that don't have the sort of ideas necessary to vote under these voter id laws they're all largely democratic voters so yeah it sounds nice and sounds reasonable but we know what the strategy is this a hard time a crowd of voters this same claim was made in indiana it was made in georgia it was made in texas it's made in florida it was made in pennsylvania whether it's a federal court whether it's a state court but courts have said they are not persuaded by the arguments that they are somehow some disparity that can be based solely on racial lines there is no rhyme or reason or is about to get stuck on the course of this absolutely not if you read the supreme court ruling in the state and pennsylvania they announce that what they expect is if people vote and they do so without an id that they get given
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an extended amount of time before you discount their vote if they don't want to see how this plays out i look i think that it's really irresponsible to characterize voter id laws as voter suppression there's voter suppression there's actual real voter suppression that happens in the world and to say that law is any different than saying you need to pass this literacy test before you can vote because we want smart people to be i mean first of all the courts have said that that's not the same thing they said it's not up. taxes that is not a literacy to the test and it's an ideal if i had to get in i need to easily id to get into this building not to come on the show the fact is that nobody's asking people to pay for an id that they can afford the state plans offer free i.d.'s to pick up it's a common sense illusion that seventy two percent in some poll sixty two percent others have said that makes perfect sense although seventy two percent of people have i.d.'s but for those twenty five percent of people this twenty five percent of african-americans was eighteen or nineteen percent of latinos of those you know seventeen or eighteen percent of people who are college age students who don't have
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i.d.'s it's not a common sense solutions but it's a huge hassle and that's the whole point hassle to get. a physical idea of them you know i mean this is all just well actually that's against the law going down to the d.m.v. getting your driver's license all these college students against getting on an airplane all of the things the irony is you have to live in the twenty first century such a marginalized life to operate without an id it's just not true to talk about these numbers of the richest americans are living in march this isn't true and that's the point that the courts have been showing it's not true it's a fact the numbers are very very quick last question quickfire george w. bush is scheduled to give a keynote address in an investment summit the caymans as the website buzz feed wonders the timing of the conference could land awkwardly during an election season it's been marked by speculation about mitt romney's finances particularly offshore investments in tax havens in the cayman so the question very quickly why is bush doing this a revenge on romney for not inviting him to the r n c b he wants to be closer to mitt's money or sees there to draw on his own tax shelter trust fund which is going
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to outline the same bank as minutes doris i go with the team out of the above sam he's a vacation in the cayman islands is the only place in the country you can go where you won't get arrested for war crimes actually he's trying to for mitt romney a much needed opportunity to distance himself from the bush administration romney probably will take that up to ok thank you guys very much actually. it broke obama wins a second term in november that he should expect the same thing he received from republicans in his first term a barrage of attempts to deal with jim eyes his presidency already fox so-called news personality and prominent republican voice mike huckabee has laid out the strategy suggesting a g.o.p. t.v. that republicans should try to impeach president obama over the attacks on our
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consulate in benghazi libya i think frankly you know this issue really gets the traction that it deserves and let me say that it deserves let's go back richard nixon was forced out of office because he lied and because he covered some stuff i'm going to be blunt and tell you this nobody guide in watergate we have some people who are dead because of this and there are some questions to be answered and americans ought to demand to get answers and. i guarantee you republicans in congress are already planning this never mind there's no there there there was a crime and the republicans imagination unlike the previous bush administration the obama administration isn't so eager to declare every single disturbance around the world an act of terrorism it's a more thoughtful administration one that waits for investigations and facts before arriving at or expressing conclusions and after it was clear that it was terrorism
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in benghazi the white house said it was terrorism in fact the day after the attack on september twelfth the president said quote no act of terrorism will ever shake the resolve of this great nation end quote regardless republicans think they can spin this into some sort of controversy and mark my words. president obama is re-elected that's exactly what the republicans will do because ever since bill clinton was elected president republicans have been committed to a strategy of deed legitimizing any democratic president they tried to nail clinton on a number of things beginning with whitewater it finally found something when monica lewinsky came around and clinton lied about all the mentally they failed to remove the president as the senate refused to kick clinton out of office sense in that the american people believe that it had really all gone way too far but when barack obama moved into the white house in two thousand and nine publicans dusted off that same old strategy of de legitimization and they didn't waste any time even before
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the president was installed into office there were questions about his legitimacy where was he born what was his religion and he pals around with terrorists bent on agression night in two thousand and nine over a dozen prominent republicans met at the caucus room steak house in washington d.c. to plot how they would ruin the obama presidency eric cantor paul ryan tom coburn jim de mint they were all there and they pledged to each other to show unwavering opposition to block every single one of the president's policies moving forward no matter what the president proposed they promised that they would say no and that's just what they did meanwhile senate minority leader mitch mcconnell blatantly laid it all out when he said that the top priority for republicans was to make barack obama a one term president. top political priority over the next two years should be to
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deny president obama's second term. their obstruction during the first two years of the obama administration worked mostly in the senate where they could use filibusters procedures like colds and filibusters and republicans capitalized in the twenty ten midterms to take control of the house of representatives which meant that they were in control of the powerful house government oversight committee and could spend the next two years launching an investigation after investigation which shot after which shot all directed at the white house all to d. legitimize the president in january of two thousand and eleven just as republicans were taking the reins of the house of representatives incoming chairman of the house oversight committee darrell issa said he had all logged a list of investigations he was ready to open up against president obama and he did just that most notably focusing on fast and furious which he suggested was a conspiracy by the white house to take away everybody's guns none of it was true
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but with the help of fox so-called news ice it was able to use his resources to hold a hearing after hearing after hearing it and then he moved on to deal with. our nation's first african-american attorney general by holding him in contempt of congress even though there was overwhelming evidence holder did nothing wrong and has since been vindicated but i saw and the republicans knew that if they could deal with eric holder it would help them deal with them eyes the president of the united states the man who put him into this office and so they did it anyway ultimately fast and furious didn't take down the obama presidency like the republicans hoped and worked so hard day after day month after month conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory to make happen and just over a month away from the election president obama looks poised to win a second term so republicans are going to find a new way to deal and utilize the president. let's go big. i would submit as mike
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huckabee suggested libya could be just the thing they're looking for in fact they've already started it doesn't matter if the nation is any our nation is in an economic crisis it doesn't matter of faith in the american government by americans or is it an all time low frankly the only strategy for these guys that matters for today's republicans is scorched earth politics when at all costs so get ready because another four years of president obama will be another four years of obstruction sabotage and slander unless unless we the people out this republican strategy to harm our nation and stand up and say enough that's the way it is tonight friday september twenty eighth two thousand and twelve for more information on any of the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech org and r t dot com if you missed any of the night's show you can now watch it in h.d.
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